Aquarium Age

The Aquarium Age: January 4-10

By Ralfee Finn

It’s the first week of a new year and even though it doesn’t really feel as if anything has changed other than the last digit on the calendar, don’t get fooled into thinking that 2017 is a year of stasis. 2017 begins with the dynamic seesaw effect of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition, which means the upset and upheaval that characterized December persists until March because Jupiter and Uranus stay within close contact to each other.But this tumult isn’t only reflective of the present political turmoil occurring in the United States and other countries where populism—which is really just another word for fascism—is grabbing hold of the collective because the collective is reacting to the deluge of change on Planet Earth. The current cultural earthquakes are part of a much larger process, a process that reaches a long, sustained crescendo in 2020 that continues through 2022, when several major astrological wheel-turning events occur. 2020 begins with a Saturn/Pluto conjunction, in Capricorn, an event that always signals a new regime; 2020 ends with a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, in Aquarius, another event that signals the end of one empire and the beginning of another. And in 2022, the United States has its Pluto Return, an astral event that presages a new revolution. So as you start this New Year, don’t despair that the world has lost its way. We are being catalyzed at deeper level than most of us imagined possible, and the coming years are a necessary part of that transformational process.

What’s interesting about the current ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition is that it occurs quite close to the same degrees of the 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction. (Future columns will delineate this 2020 conjunction in much more detail.) It would be a worthwhile exercise to observe what happens during the next two months with an eye toward the long-term consequences of what’s being set in motion. Not all your conclusions may be accurate, but you’ll start to gain a bigger perspective, which will help sustain determination to work for the greater good.

Jupiter/Uranus interactions always signify the release of tension through startling developments that are simply mind-blowing. But as you feel your head exploding from even more mendacious Trump activity, try to look beneath the skin of what’s taking place. It is possible to view the toxicity of what’s occurring as a healing process: Most of us were unaware of just how deeply the hatred of change and the resistance to transformation was festering beneath the surface of daily life. Now there is no denying it. And no superficial remedy will do. Watch your mood swings, as they won’t be isolated from the highs and lows of others. Use these extremes to deepen your awareness of what needs to be brought into alignment with a higher purpose. None of us are saints—not me, not my yoga teacher, not any one of the many people who provide guidance. A fearless, searching moral inventory of what you need to work on has the power to propel personal responsibility to an even deeper level, and that will hasten the revolution. Remember…we only change the world one heart at a time, and the first heart we must change is our own.

Saturn continues to be the good news as it continues to provide the ballast for the Jupiter/Uranus seesaw. Saturn is in Sagittarius, the Sign that symbolizes the search for truth, and its presence has the potential to facilitate a penetrating exploration into how we can discern what’s really true from the bombast of opinion. Saturn sextiles Jupiter, providing the potential for patience and perseverance even in the midst of fuddy-duddy insistence on outdated protocols. Saturn trines Uranus, providing the ability to endure, no matter how difficult the circumstances. This positive interaction supports the currents of necessary change, even if those currents are overwhelming.

2017 also opens with Mercury Retrograde almost at an end—it’s over on January 8. But just to be safe, bide your time and wait until January 10 before initiating any new projects. Patience for a few more days is a small price to pay for the lessening of snafus, and waiting will ultimately yield better results for your plans and projects.

As the coming weeks unfold use your best observational powers to witness what’s being set in motion. The 99% are riled—as they should be—but they need to gather their combined strength to effectuate change. The seeds of discontent are geminating in the field of revolution, but if those seeds are going to take root, they must also be fertilized with evolution.

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
2017 begins with strong feelings that could trigger habitual emotional reactions. The only difficulty with this start to the New Year is the potential for impulsive reactions to trigger consequences you might later regret. Instead of jumping in before you examine the situation, take a deep breath and allow things to unfold just a little bit more before acting on erroneous assumptions.

Taurus April 20-May 20
2017 extends what must at times feel like an endless balancing act as you make every effort to align intention and action. Don’t give up, even if you encounter additional obstacles. Pay attention to what isn’t aligned and then do what’s necessary to weave that piece into the entire fabric of your plan. It will take time but eventually you will realize the fruits of your labor.

Gemini May 21-June 21
2017 begins on a different career note, and while it may be difficult to isolate exactly what’s changed, listening closely to the conversations of coworkers as well as clients will help you identify the shift. Not every change in priority will be welcome, but rather than react impulsively, let the situation unfold. You’ll know the right moment to take charge.

Cancer June 22-July 22
2017 starts with a renewed emphasis on how to be of better service to your community, whether that includes the workplace or the various places you volunteer. Contemplate how you want to spend the currency of your concern about various problems you would like to see solved, and whether it is writing a letter or organizing a march, don’t hesitate to get involved.

Leo July 23-August 22
2017 amplifies your existential search to find meaning in the mundane tasks of daily life. I’m not being overly philosophic—if you want the greater principles of your life to have validity, they must be integrated into the way you live. It’s one thing to spout ideas; it’s quite another thing to walk your talk. The good news is that you have the heart to transform values into action.

Virgo August 23-September 22
2017 continues your ongoing effort to find a greater balance between your values and the values of others. Yes…this is a bit of a ride, especially when it comes to money and perhaps politics. But this has always been and continues to be a process of finding a deeper level of self-confidence and self-esteem—worth that can’t be measured by bank balances.

Libra September 23-October 22
2017 extends what seems to be an endless process of finding and maintaining your balance in relationships of every variety—and I wouldn’t judge you if you’re just tired of the entire journey. But don’t give up. Spend time thinking about your relationship with yourself, if only because all your other partnerships are a reflection of that primary interaction.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
2017 continues to offer opportunities for you to believe in yourself—not in a clichéd power-of-positive-thinking way (although that’s not bad idea), but in a more substantial way. Acknowledge the range of your gifts as you simultaneously accept the idea that some of those gifts need refining. Being honest with yourself will only strengthen your heart.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
2017 begins with a strong urge to express yourself creatively. Seize this moment and make the most of it by finding ways to increase your participation in all the things that inspire you.  It could be any of the arts and crafts that we normally think of as creative outlets. Or you could make life itself your masterpiece by living every day with bold creative intention.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
2017 extends your process of finding and maintaining a balance between responsibilities in the workplace and obligations at home. I realize there are times when the pull between the two is overwhelming but try not to use that as an excuse to give up the search. Even if you never find the still point, the quest provides its own positive results.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

2017 continues your search to improve your ability to integrate your deepest values into action. This is never an easy process, but when you add your deep, heartfelt desire to be as free as a bird, grappling with day-to-day niceties can feel like a ball and chain. Remember, kindness is the salve that soothes all situations, so as you break free, apply it liberally.

Pisces February 19-March 20
2017 begins on a softer note, but that doesn’t mean the challenge to find and maintain your financial equilibrium evaporates. You’re still facing the challenge of how to combine your desire to succeed with your need to help others. Ambition is seldom easy to handle, but it’s especially difficult for someone who’s always working on boundaries.

This article was originally published on January 6, 2017.