Aquarium Age

Aquarium Age: February 24-March 2, 2021

By Ralfee Finn

Mercury is direct. The Saturn/Uranus square continues. Mars trines Pluto, providing a hardworking, concentrated, and persevering attitude toward getting “it” (whatever that may be) done. It’s not a quiet astral week, it’s just not that much different from last week. Texas may finally be warmer but the bureaucracy its citizens now have to confront might be an even more damaging storm; moving toward healing and rebuilding could be more overwhelming for some than the freezing temperatures, and at times seemingly impossible to overcome.

This is yet another manifestation of all the healing we need to do. COVID-19 has revealed all the holes in all the systems (not just here but around the world) that desperately need attention if we are to heal ourselves and our planet. As we move through this seemingly endless process, it’s important to remember that each day, with every thought, word, and deed we are moving steadily toward creating a better world, even if progress feels stymied by the limitations of reality in the third dimension, where it takes a long time to heal and stay healed.

I was talking with a friend last week about how long it might take to heal the great cultural divide that threatens so many dimensions of our everyday routines. It was a distressing conversation until he mentioned the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Dragon Ball. I confess, I’d never even heard of Dragon Ball let alone watched it, but as soon as he mentioned the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, I was hooked. I did a little research and discovered that this chamber is also called the Room of Spirit and Time—right up my alley. Other qualities also piqued my interest: “it can be accessed through different doorways throughout Universe 7,” and of course I’m asking how can I get to Universe 7? But the most important feature was its time warp: “one year inside the chamber” equals “one day on the outside,” or one day of Earth time. (

As soon as you enter the chamber, time shifts. That dimensional distortion could manifest in an infinite number of imaginative ways, but a visit right now would be useful because the ratio of a year to a day has the power to accelerate learning; you could enter with the express intention of finding and mastering the techniques to solve our long-standing destructive polarization and then return to Earth time with practiced solutions. I realize I sound a little like I’ve lost my mind, but access to an accelerated path to healing our individual and collective situations is undeniably attractive. Finding the best and most efficient means of facilitating solutions to the simplest yet most complex question should be a primary goal: how do we open our hearts to each other and genuinely accept and embrace our differences so we can put strife aside and move forward?

Of course, because the goddess is always listening, I stumbled upon an existing process that is already healing deeply damaged hearts, and even though this process moves at an Earth-time pace, it seems to have lasting transformative power because it is actively teaching people how to open their hearts to each other even in the worst of circumstances.

Its name is the Reverence Movement. I won’t go into too many details because I won’t summarize them as well as the person who started the movement, Aqeela Sherrills. At the heart of the Reverence Movement is the commitment to healing the wounds of hatred and violence without pointing the judgmental finger of blame. Instead this movement focuses on how to transform ossified positions, born in and from violent trauma, and then healing those experiences by growing beyond the limitations of those wounds to become strong, restored, individuals able to help others to transform. Here’s the link to this terrific story:

While the Reverence Movement is not a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, it is a way of applying what we already know about trauma and recovery: the victim and the victimizer need to be heard and understood if that dynamic is to be transformed and eventually neutralized. There are many movements of compassion facilitating effective shifts of awareness—something I need to remember because the mainstream media rarely reports on any significant gains from positive actions. The media is primary focused on right-wing white supremacist groups, and while those extremists do pose a grave danger, there are far more people interested in peacefully transforming their lives than there are those joining militias fueled by hate and fear.

Not every fellow traveler is agile enough in body, mind, and heart to leap across the abyss from judgment to compassion, but steady progress is being made in so many places we never hear about. Many more people than we realize are turning toward compassionate awareness and all it can provide. Recently, I read that “kindness is the new black,” and while the idea of compassion being a fashion statement made me a little uncomfortable, it also made me smile. Compassion is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber of each and every heart and the more we visit that chamber, the more we accelerate our individual and collective skill to love each other.  

Sun Bursts:  If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
While you would like to receive recognition for your efforts, external affirmation of a job well done may not be easy to come by. So rather than brood over a lack of appreciation from others, focus your awareness on what you know to be true about your accomplishments and be happy with a job you know was well done.

Taurus April 20-May 20
This is an important week to shine, so step into the light and let it reveal your many gifts and talents. Don’t worry about being a show-off—it’s a rare moment when universal light shines so brightly and it’s impossible to dim. Be wary of lording your magnificence over others—they might already be jealous of your bright light. Being magnanimous will only enhance your brilliance.

Gemini May 21-June 21
People are likely to seek your counsel and assistance as they work their way through several difficult situations. As you offer advice, be sure to frame it in a way that empowers those you’re helping. As you already know (but it is worth repeating), if you respect those seeking your opinion, they are more likely to consider your suggestions.

Cancer June 22-July 22
The spotlight is on your resources—all of them, from financial resources to your reservoirs of self-esteem and self-confidence—inviting you to consider the investments you’re making and how they can deliver tangible gains. I’m not suggesting a wild ride on the stock market; I’m simply advising you to pay close attention to where you are spending your time and money.   

Leo July 23-August 22
It’s a deeply emotional week and attempting to control your feelings would be like trying to keep your eyes open when you sneeze. Rather than spend time resisting this strong emotional undertow, allow yourself to feel deeply, knowing that it’s not always necessary to express every emotion. Keep breathing your way through the intensity and you’ll handle it well.

Virgo August 23-September 22
Although there’s a lot going on, interactions with significant others take priority over all other concerns. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your relationships; they are simply demanding more attention than usual. Rather than resent the demands of those you love—family, friends, and business associates—embrace, engage, and rejoice in their presence.

Libra September 23-October 22
You’re wrestling with the dimensions of your personal power, trying to sort through what are appropriate expressions of your strength. Keep in mind as you work your way through this process that truly powerful people are keenly aware of their limitations and because of that awareness are able to ask for help when needed without fear of looking weak. Humility is sometimes the greatest power.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
You are experiencing many deep feelings, all of which are pointing you toward examining what you need to feel safe and secure in this mixed-up, muddled-up world. Keep working through these intensities even if it takes a while to gain the clarity you are looking for. This process is about being comfortable with a range of needs and figuring out how to get them met.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
You’ve had several disturbing encounters with others that have left you wondering whether you’ve lost your honest, forthright gift of communication—you do like to talk. You haven’t lost your touch, but given the intensities, you may have misplaced your sense of humor. Take a deep breath and realize that you’re just as convivial as you’ve always been—you just needed a break.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
If you’re willing to learn from recent history, you will discover that you have more resilience than you thought, especially when it comes to issues of self-esteem and self-worth. Assess what still needs to be refined, but appreciate the depths of your efforts as well as your ability to withstand a series of truly difficult situations.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
Hold high the light of your principles and let that devotion to integrity be a beacon of light to friends and family. You may encounter criticism from significant others, but their questions are likely to be more about their feelings than your beliefs. If you’re clear about what you believe and how you want to manifest the potency of those beliefs, you’ll be an example to others.

Pisces February 19-March 20
Your internal universe is quite busy with a lot of thoughts about a lot of things. At times the mental chatter could be overwhelming, so take a moment to prioritize your concerns so that you can clear your mind and focus on what’s essential. It may take a while to sort through all that’s on your mind, but if you slow down to organize your thoughts, you’ll have an easier time handling it all.

This article was originally published on February 26, 2021.