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Aquarium Age: August 1-7, 2018

By Ralfee Finn

We’re at a significant midpoint in our summer of discontent, and while the week is not—no way, no how—a break in the madness, there is a quality to the air that permits moments of reflection, even if those moments seem burdened by all there is to do. This is what life is like in the midst of a double retrograde, with a triple retrograde about to begin. (As a reminder: Mars Retrograde persists until August 27 and Mercury Retrograde just started a week ago, and it persists until August 19. Uranus is ‘slowing down’ in preparation for its retrograde which begins on August 7. Not only that, but having just finished the lunar eclipse on Friday, July 27, we are between solar eclipses, one on July 13 and another on August 11.) It’s been a busy astral summer, and the frequency this week is akin to the eye of a hurricane which makes it an excellent time to review, reflect, reconsider, and maybe even recalibrate, before moving forward. So even if the routines of daily life are devouring every moment, find the time or make the time to contemplate where you are along your journey of transformation, as well as where you would like to go.

As anyone paying attention knows, we are living in interesting and powerful times that affect each of us collectively, but also individually, for although the political madness appears to be externalized daily in a barrage of headlines, individual lives are reflecting the zeitgeist—upheaval is everywhere. The zeitgeist is an aggregation of our individual conscious and unconscious choices. It’s created by the combined effect of our emotional bodies, and as always, the sum of whole is greater than the individual parts. So be careful not to project all your trials and tribulations on Trumpitis. As I suggested in previous columns, Mr. Trump can be seen as a homeopathic remedy, bringing to the surface of our collective skin all that needs to be healed.

Lots of fellow travelers feel oppressed by the prevailing mood of the moment. Mr. Trump and his Gang of Hungry Ghosts have done a good job of tamping down hope for a quick, positive and progressive shift away from their retro policies of greed and ignorance. The constant bombardment of outrageous cruelty and utter disregard for Planet Earth and all who live here has had a deleterious effect on hearts and souls. It’s the White Man’s Last Stand.  But it is important to remember that Trump is the worst of us—the very worst of human nature—and his presence is a constant reminder of what each of us needs to shift in our own hearts, in order to manifest the best of human nature. Some deny that they have any of his characteristics and those are the ones we’re hoping will shift into deeper awareness. There’s no room for bullies in this phase of planetary transformation—they’ve already ruined the world. What we need are spiritual warriors who recognize our fundamental interconnectedness, which makes it impossible to harm anyone or anything, least of all children, animals, or any other beings we profess to love.

One reader wrote last week to say she is thankful for the weekly head’s up on just how crazy it is, but she also wondered when the skies might present a more positive picture. The retrogrades are over for a brief period of time in September, so the best time to initiate new plans and projects and get things started is September 5 – 25. The reason it’s such a short period of time is because Venus Retrograde begins on October 5 and lasts until November 16, and on November 16, we begin the final Mercury Retrograde of 2018 which lasts until December 6. The good news is that holiday travel isn’t threatened by retrogrades. The not so good news is that the retrogrades continue. To those looking to initiate plans and projects: If you can’t hold on until a retro-free zone, go ahead and get started. You may run into difficulties but forewarned is better prepared, which could translate into handling any interference with skill.

Her question also started me thinking about a bigger question: how to sustain hope in the midst of the current relentless turmoil? I have often written that hope is a tough gig. (In 1998, I wrote that it just might be the toughest job on the planet. Clearly, I had no idea of what we would be facing nearly 20 years later.)

Many already committed to personal growth are struggling with the challenge of sustaining hope—and it is really a challenge. One way is to refuse to succumb to cynicism and nihilism. As I also once wrote, there is no inoculation against the futility flu—once you have it, you have to work your way through it—and it’s a bitch. Yet one of the ways through hopelessness is the realization that we are part of a much greater mystery than we realize. Whatever name we give our gods, finding refuge their Higher Powers is a way to sustain positive contact with that bigger picture. What’s more, accepting the spiritual ground of our interconnectedness means knowing that each of us plays a role in co-creation. As Mr. Comey pointed out during his interview with Rachel Maddow, one of the reasons we have descended into our current state is that our mad king has no external reference point with which to measure himself and his choices. Mr. Trump has no higher power other than his voracious need to feed the demons that drive him. His followers have deified him and his demons. Democracy in Trumpistan isn’t a value—money and power are the primary gods.

Another way to stay positive and sustain hope is knowing—not believing, knowing—that the moral arc of the universe does ultimately bend toward justice. When you know that to be true, it’s possible to look at all that’s wrong in the world with an eye towards overcoming the obstacles through consistent compassionate action. Thought, prayer and meditation are marvelous, but it is action that turns the karmic wheel and finding your way toward active compassion is crucial to maintaining hope. Knowing allows us to look at the reality of the situation with courage and determination rather than fear. Hope is complex and demanding, but when it is lived, and channeled into positive action, it changes the world.

On a personal note: I am immensely thankful for readers all around the planet who read the Aquarium Age each week. There is great comfort in knowing how many of us share a similar sensibility. It fortifies my knowing that we will make it through these waves of change.

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
Harness this retrograde midpoint and make it work for you by reviewing the details of what you’ve set in motion since the start of 2018, but avoid brooding about all your couldas, shouldas or wouldas. This phase isn’t about self-recrimination, it’s about refining and revising, all with an eye toward improving the process and creating a more beneficial outcome.

Taurus April 20-May 20
This is a good time to reflect on what the last few months of Uranus, in Taurus, has stirred or shaken in your life. You may not have had any reaction to its entry, or you may be overwhelmed by just how much seems to be shifting—with or without your consent. Whatever the condition of your Uranian condition, this is the perfect moment to take notes and review your situation.

Gemini May 21-June 21
There’s no need to struggle over what’s been said or what to say next—it’s too late to take back the words and you may not want to anyway. Instead of backtracking and spending endless moments regretting what’s been put into motion, let the air clear. All the mishegas will still be there after you’ve taken a break and restored your mental reserves.

Cancer June 22-July 22
Rather than concentrating on others—what they want and need, and how you can help them—this retro-midpoint might be best spent taking care of yourself. I’m not advising you to just say no when someone asks for assistance, but I am suggesting that you consider the detrimental consequences that could occur if you continue to overextend.

Leo July 23-August 22
Consider using this retro-midpoint to reflect on the importance of the many people in your life—from significant others to family to friends to acquaintances to strangers—all of whom play roles, big and little, in the drama of your daily life. And as you reflect on their importance, consider your role in their personal drama: are you hindering or helping their best efforts?

Virgo August 23-September 22
Take a deep breath, and then breathe deeply again—that’s the first thing to do during this momentary break from the madness. It’s not that the stress and strife of daily life is going to magically disappear as you exhale, but—and this is a big but—you will be in much better shape to handle all that needs to be done if you give yourself permission to replenish your reserves.

Libra September 23-October 22
Use the eye of this retrograde hurricane to take stock of what you need to create a better blend of the various areas of your life, all of which are important, but all of which also take a tremendous amount of time to maintain. It’s not necessary to give something up—although that is an option—it’s about learning how to manage your time and energy with greater skill.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
It’s been quite a challenge having Uranus in your Solar House of relationship—its unstable, unpredictable presence is sure to have started a revolutionary process in how you relate to others. Use this midpoint in the retro-madness to contemplate what’s been turned upside-down during the last several months and if nothing has shifted, contemplate why that might be.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
You can relax, pull up a chair, pour a glass of whatever suits you, and let yourself stop doing whatever it is you’re doing. I know how important certain projects are and I know retrogrades are frustrating because they keep interfering with unforeseen obstacles. I also know that once you get going it’s hard for you to stop, but a break will provide much-needed perspective.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
Oh what you wouldn’t give for just a wee bit more balance. Your situation keeps swinging wildly to extremes and that’s hard to cope with, especially when you have a sense of urgency about the outcome. That being said, it is possible to find and maintain your equilibrium, but only if you’re open to the idea of moderation—in every aspect of your life.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
Mars Retrograde in your Sign has challenged your ability to stay calm, cool, and collected, so don’t spend too much time beating yourself up if you’ve been more than a little testy with significant others, personal as well as professional. It’s never easy being the boss, but it is particularly difficult when everyone around you is relying on you to fix all the things that are wrong.

Pisces February 19-March 20
Sometimes the best way to neutralize a standoff is to agree with your opponent—that’s right, just say you’re right. Unexpected agreement is the simplest way to diffuse tension and create open space because it allows the opposition to drop their defenses and listen to your side. It’s not likely you’ll win or lose everything–your simply creating the ground for a positive compromise.

This article was originally published on August 2, 2018.