Aquarium Age

Aquarium Age: April 2022

By Ralfee Finn

Emotional waters run deep this month—there’s no bottom to the intensity of feelings, yours or others’, so it’s wise to think before you leap, speak, or take any action purely based on an emotional moment. April’s uber-sensitivity is largely due to a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces that began on March 20 and is exact and separating on April 12, finally ending on May 9. Be prepared for the next several weeks to be a blur of feelings. For those old enough to remember that song from the ’70s, “Feelings,”you’re free to start singing endless wo-o-o’s—it actually might feel good to start humming a cliché, if only because it could make you laugh. And for those who are too young to remember those endless emotive choruses, find the song online and let yourself join in—it could be a great cathartic moment to just sing along with the intensity.

But the prominence of this Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, the Sign of empathy, isn’t the only contributor to April’s intense emotional field. Environmental factors also contribute to the pervasive and nearly palpable sensitivity of the month: the change of seasons, a transition that always tends toward hyper-sensitivity as minds and bodies struggle to adjust to the flux of temperatures and climate, has become increasingly volatile in recent years due to global warming, and this year those transitions are likely to be even more uncomfortable and confusing.

And that’s not all: we are witnessing a televised war in Ukraine that is heartbreaking each and every moment. Many of our fellow travelers feel overwhelmed by the blatant cruelty of this war. There is currently no end in sight, making us keenly aware of the horrifying losses that the Ukrainian and Russian peoples will carry for decades ahead.

The collective turmoil is mirrored (as always) through individual upheaval, especially as the reality of our global situation takes hold. Nothing is at it was, and as many of us experience the displacement from our pre-COVID lives, the destruction in Ukraine resonates the poignancy of lives lost on so many levels. Despite the freedom many people are feeling as pandemic regulations have relaxed, COVID remains a threat, and the prospect of another variant surge lingers. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 continues to deconstruct reality, revealing all the holes in structures previously supporting the routines of daily life—demonstrating in no uncertain terms the ways these systems no longer work.

April’s hypersensitivity coexists with an equally strident start to the month. A Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is the source of this discord; it began on March 27, is exact and separating on April 4, and persists until April 13. This conjunction is a pernicious interaction that tends toward violence as a way of solving differences, and while its energy can also be applied to dangerous situations that require extraordinary precision, managing such power requires finding a way to navigate an often grueling obstacle course. This planetary combination signals tests of endurance that challenge body, mind, and spirit to find positive solutions, but harnessing the power of a Mars/Saturn conjunction—in any Sign—requires deep determination and commitment to transformation, no matter what obstacles are inhibiting your progress. Just be careful to avoid ruthless methods of overcoming roadblocks. That Mars/Saturn determination can turn quite callous when it removes obstacles without restraint.

April also opens on a strong Aries signature, which some may deem a strident tone—Aries and its Ruler, Mars, can be seen as the archetype of the warrior, and both can be inclined toward issuing orders as a means of coping with challenging situations that are out of control. The Sun is in Aries and Mars is conjunct Saturn, and given those powerful placements, it wouldn’t be surprising to find yourself barking commands in the midst of chaos, especially if you’re feeling ultra-impulsive about getting results—even if that means refusing to honor limits and boundaries. Not only is the Sun in Aries, but Mercury is conjunct the Sun, which enhances the Aries determination to rationalize the danger of taking charge without appropriate objectivity about the situation you’re seeking to control. Add the New Moon in Aries on April 1 and you’ve got a full-speed urge to get the show on the road, whatever that show may be.

The New Moon is always a good time to initiate plans and projects and a New Moon in Aries particularly glorifies the energy of germination, which makes it the best New Moon (other than Taurus) for planting the seeds of what you want to grow. Whether you’re planning a food or flower garden or wanting to seed ideas, this New Moon is a great time to get your garden growing. Let yourself plant with purpose and ambition.

Week One: April 1 – 7

The first week of April is characterized by the passionate New Moon in Aries as well as the sharp intensity of the Mars/Saturn conjunction, making it truly important to find and maintain your balance as the routines of daily life reflect the strong influence of Mars and Aries. But even in the midst of that strong concentration of Martian force, the underlying current of the week is the emotional Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. The sensitivity of this conjunction in Pisces is more than likely to make finding your balance difficult—Mars and Saturn aren’t all that interested in empathy, while the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces encourages a spiritual experience of unity, creating disparate goals and producing a strong emotional environment.

Week Two: April 8 – 14

The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is exact on April 12 at 23° Pisces 59’, which means the entire second week of April is certain to be emotionally intense. Be prepared for feelings to overwhelm reason—which isn’t always a bad thing, given what we’ve learned from watching the various iterations of Spock’s emotional development all these years. Nevertheless, unless you are already an intergalactic child of a bona fide Vulcan/Earthling marriage and struggling to make sense of your feelings, last week, this week, and the next several weeks ahead are likely to be easier spent allowing yourself to feel—wo-wo-o, truly, madly, and deeply. It could be as simple as listening to music and suddenly being brought to tears by your emotional response to the violin orchestrations of your favorite song, one you’ve listened to a thousand times before and never shed a tear in appreciation of its beauty.

Enjoy this emotional intensity because resisting it will take more energy than going with the flow; try to let it flood your system in healthy ways. If you are joyous, create a ritual of gratitude so that you can express your joy without hesitation. If you are grieving—and many of us are—create a ritual for mourning and allow yourself to release your grief. We are in need of grief rituals—we’re grieving the life we left behind, and although our pre-COVID world may not have been heaven on Earth, it was the reality we were used to and our regular routines provided order. The realization that that way of life is gone, and that many of the people we shared that way of life with are also gone, has been a loss too sad for many to let themselves feel—but not in the midst of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. Expect to be overwhelmed at times, and again, let yourself open to it. Resistance, especially this month, is futile.

Many are also grieving for the devastation in Ukraine, and for the harm that’s being done not just to countless Ukrainian and Russian lives but to our planet, all of which adds to the underlying grief that some of us still consider war a legitimate means to an end. War is state-sanctioned violence and even if it is against a great evil, as it was in World War II, war only perpetuates more violence. Most of us, but not enough of us, know that war is never the answer.

Whenever possible, try to avoid judging yourself or your fellow travelers about just how much emotion needs to be discharged under this influence. Find healthy outlets to support yourself—dance, drum, or chant it out; you can also draw, paint, or plant as a way of expressing your feelings. If you are an athlete, run, swim, jump, or row it away.

The upside of this potent and emotional conjunction is its potential to give birth to deep spiritual experiences—for those who meditate, take advantage of this magnificent, mystic urge to merge with the divine. Both Jupiter and Neptune symbolize the potential for expansive consciousness as well as spiritual devotion. As these co-Rulers of the Sign of mysticism unite, they produce the possibilities for expansive spiritual experiences that you won’t need drugs to enhance.

Week Three: April 15 – 21

Mars moved into Pisces late in the day on April 14, and although we could expect its entry into the Sign of empathy to amplify the effect of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, its influence is more likely to manifest as the need to assess rather than assume before moving into action.

The Sun in Aries has been squaring Pluto in Capricorn since April 13 and that square is exact and separating on April 18, just before the Sun’s move into Taurus late on April 19, and finally ends by April 24. Sun/Pluto squares always indicate power struggles, which translates into rough days in mid-April. It won’t be easy steering clear of altercations, so choose your stands wisely. Be careful not to act impulsively and also be wary of involving yourself in any interaction that could turn into a power play. Pluto’s presence can manifest as ruthlessness, something you want to avoid, especially in the current climate of violence and cruelty. Continue to use the spiritual power of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction to guide your behavioral choices. You won’t be wimping out; you’ll be opting for higher ground rather than contributing to the suffering of your fellow travelers.

On a more positive note, a Mercury/Uranus conjunction begins this week; it is exact and separating on April 17 and ends on April 21. As readers know, I love Mercury/Uranus interactions because they symbolize and stimulate an active mind; ready, willing, and able to embrace curiosity as a way of life. I often liken it to having the universal symbol for invention—a gigantic lightbulb—overhead, sending inventive ideas to anyone who is listening. Make the most of this invigorating interaction by allowing yourself to think differently about persistent problems all the while staying open to innovative solutions.

On April 16, there is a Full Moon in Libra that is likely to add to the already too-emotional atmosphere—the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is still in effect. Try to attune to the peacemaking signature of Libra by finding your internal equilibrium and doing your best to maintain that balance. A word of caution: it won’t be easy to stay balanced, but it is a worthwhile endeavor to try. The more we focus on peaceful interactions in our personal lives, the more we contribute to creating peace from a collective perspective.

Week Four: April 22 – 30

A Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces kicks in on April 23, is exact and separating on April 27, and ends on May 2. This conjunction indicates inspiration and a rich creative field that is inclined toward dreamy romance as well as graceful spiritual experiences. Channel this planetary combination into creative endeavors that allow you to express Venusian as well as Neptunian values—love, both carnal and spiritual, is the signature of this conjunction. Jupiter is in the middle of this conjunction, which translates into an expansive magnification of this imaginative Venus/Neptune force.

April’s astral intensity ends with a solar eclipse on April 30 at 10° Taurus 28’, a position that Uranus has held on and off for part of 2021 and for all of January 2022. Eclipses always reveal what’s hiding in the shadows, so we can definitely expect surprising information to suddenly be revealed. Eclipses aren’t positive, and even though we can predict their occurrence (so could our ancient ancestors, by the way), they still signify a disruption in the order of things. Because this eclipse occurs at the end of a highly emotional month, it would be wise to expect that it will exacerbate the already emotional atmosphere. Anticipate the information that’s revealed to be disruptive.

The best way to navigate the deep waters this month is to do your best to keep an even keel, and while that may feel impossible in the midst of April’s emotional waves, keeping your ship upright and holding fast to a steady course will yield positive results. We live on a disrupted planet and the turmoil is far from over. We will all need to embrace a perspective that includes the global and the local as well as the collective and personal points of view. Holding fast to that multifaceted view may not be easy, but it will be worthwhile, especially as we interact with our fellow travelers. As always, remember to be kind to yourself and others as you make your way through these waves of change. We will all benefit from more than a little tenderness.

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction occurs in your Solar House of psyche, a position that is likely to manifest as bold or epic dreams or powerful meditation experiences. Try not to dismiss any psychic events as insignificant until you’ve explored the symbolism. Your unconscious may be sending you information about how to bring certain situations to both an internal and external closure.

Taurus April 20-May 20
The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction could surface a deep need to put the past behind you so you can move into what you already know will be a potent new phase of participation in your community. This is an opportunity to build your confidence as you help others in a variety of ways. So put your doubts behind you and make every effort to find the perfect place to make your contribution.

GeminiMay 21-June 21
The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction takes place in your Solar House of career, so be prepared for a lot of intensity. Try not to let this concentrated energy throw you off course. If you need help, find a mentor or advisor who can talk you through any difficulties or help you to devise a strategy. You may not find a solution you can apply immediately, but don’t let that stop you from making a plan.

CancerJune 22-July 22
Your natural emotional disposition is sure to feel the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction quite keenly, and that could tempt you to tune out the intensity. While that may be a useful defensive and protective posture, if you shut down, you run the risk of missing an opportunity for a profound spiritual experience. Stay open as you make your way through these emotional waves—you’ll be a better person for making a daring effort.

LeoJuly 23-August 22
The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction opens a wide portal into what you value and how those ideals are in contrast to the values of others. Yes, this is about finances and how you handle your innate generosity, but it is also fundamentally focused on deepening your appreciation of what it means to give and receive. Allow yourself to deepen your understanding of what it means to be generous.

Virgo August 23-September 22
The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction occurs in your Solar House of relationship and as part of its influence you’re questioning the role of power in all of your partnerships. There’s no need to be afraid of this inquiry. Quite the contrary—embrace your questions and allow your curiosity to notice what needs to be refined and then get to work refining those rough edges.

Libra September 23-October 22
The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction could bring you to your knees as you realize the potency of spiritual and unconditional love when it is focused on helping others. This conjunction is about realizing the value of service and what it means to truly be there for others without regard to what it costs you or how you benefit. Contemplate unconditional love as an overarching approach to life.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune takes place in your Solar House of romance and risk, which could manifest as the potential to fall in love, truly, madly, and deeply. It doesn’t matter whether you’re partnered or not: this is about taking a huge risk and opening your heart first to yourself and then to others. Should you not be interested in romance, this opening is also creative.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
It’s all about home—not just your home, but the role that home plays in a wholesome life. Expect to be hyper-sensitive to the plight of the homeless and how you might be able to help—providing housing may not be an option, but donating or volunteering your time to rehoming efforts offer concrete ways to make a difference.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is likely to manifest as conversations and discussions that open up a wide range of topics, some of which you’ve avoided but nonetheless really need the light of day. As long as you’re committed to being honest and kind—they are not mutually exclusive—you could derive great benefit from these discussions.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
From a certain perspective, everything has to do with money, and certainly the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in your Solar House of personal finance focuses on money—yours, others’, and how you value and approach your financial condition. There’s no need to worry—this is about shining a bright light on what you need and why. Be honest with yourself and you’ll make it through.

Pisces February 19-March 20
Of course, this Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in your Sign is significant and you’re going to feel it keenly—maybe even more intensely than any other Sign. Allow yourself to open to its influence and keep good track of what you experience. It may not manifest with an immediate dramatic effect, but you are sure to notice over time that what it sets in motion stays in motion for a long, long time.

This article was originally published on April 1, 2022.