Animalia: March 2012

By catalyst

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Animal Angels

Maddie’s Fund was organized by Dave and Cheryl Duffield. The California-based foundation’s namesake, Maddie, inspired the Duffields to find new opportunities for shelter pets to find compassionate homes.

Maddie’s Fund primarily supports animal organizations, offering information on fund­raising and shelter design and management, with an emphasis on how shelters may transition to a no-kill facility. Maddie’s Fund also helps support local coalitions of adoption organizations, animal control agencies and traditional shelters. Utah was one of seven states to benefit from a Mad­die’s Fund Feral Cats and Low-income Spay/Neuter Project.

According to Maddie’s Fund statistics for shelter intake, adoption and euthanasia: In 2009, 73 Utah shelters reported intake of 86,840 animals; 24,278 animals were adopted but even more, 38,199, were euthanized—with the balance presumably returned to their proper homes. Bravo to shelters such as the Humane Society of Utah who are working toward achieving a no-kill community.

The all-volunteer Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue (RMGDRI) is solely concerned with the welfare of Great Danes. Particularly in the last few years, many folks have given up their gentle giants because of their higher care costs. This also increases the need for foster parents willing to take in a Great Dane until a forever home can be found. 

RMGDRI carefully screens and finds the best possible match between dog and family. They find homes primarily in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming. Transportation is provided for dogs to reach their new families.

Don’t give up on a Great Dane because you don’t live in a mansion. Though large, they really don’t require a huge area to live as long as they are exercised every day. Having had a Great Dane growing up, I can attest to their loving and gentle nature. Truly a wonderful breed of dog with a big heart to match its big body.

On Saturday, March 31, RMGDRI will be at Dog’s Meow if you want to get to know the great personality of this breed. They will continue bringing dogs to Dog’s Meow on the fourth Saturday of each month. Begin­ning June 3rd, RMGDRI will also be at the Wheeler Farm farmer’s market every Sunday throughout the summer.

If you’ve got your share of canines but still wish to support the organization, RMGDRI is hosting a wine & cheese tasting/fund raising event with Kiler Grove Winegrowers and Beehive Cheese Co. on March 24, 5-7 p.m. at the winery, 53 W. Truman Avenue. Tickets are $30.


How Smart Are Animals? by Nova scienceNOW. This video will blow you away when you see the intelligence of animals: a dog that knows more than 1,000 words, a school of dolphins that work together as a team, a talking parrot who reasons—and you’ll see why I don’t eat octopi.


Unlikely Friendships, 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom by Jennifer S. Holland. Touching stories accompanied by beautiful photographs of friendships between very different breeds of animals, including a rat and a cat, a lioness and an antelope, a baby rhesus monkey and a dove.


After transporting 72 wild turkeys from South Dakota, the Division of Wildlife Resources released 24 of the birds on the north side of the La Sal Mountains and 48 turkeys found a new home on Elk Ridge.

The 72 turkeys will augment turkey populations in the area that had been reduced in number by heavy snows that fell during the winter of 2009-2010.


Emily’s Furry Friend Skin Soother is an allnatural salve for hot itchy spots and cracked skin on your pet. I tested this on Grace (our elderly golden Lab adoptee, featured last month). Her old nose was so dry and cracked, it looked painful. I noticed an immediate improvement (my hands fared well, too). Grace is most grateful for a soft and supple nose.

This article was originally published on February 29, 2012.