CATALYST Collective

Why the Collective?

Every month, CATALYST receives various benefits and discounts from the community, and our wonderful advertisers. We hate to see some of those benefits going unused, so we offer various gifts to those who are part of the CATALYST Collective, those who are signed up to automatically donate $10 or more per month.

Up until our nonprofit status became official, the vast majority of our financial support came from paid advertisements in the magazine. Now, as a nonprofit, readers can show their support too! It’s a collective effort, held up be the community it serves. We only found it fair to share with those dedicated fans our appreciation by gifting monthly offers with an assortment of cultural activities that might include: (but does not guarantee, and is not limited to)

  • GREENbikes day passes
  • State Room tickets
  • Yoga classes (Centered City & Full Circle Yoga)
  • RDT concert tickets
  • Ririe Woodbury concert tickets
  • The Leonardo museum admission
  • RDT Community Dance School passes
  • Gift certificates to various restaurants in town
  • Invites to CATALYST Collective events

How to Join the collective:

Pledge a $10 donation per month on a recurring basis. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up on our Writer’s Fund page.
  2. Check the box labelled “recurring monthly” payment of greater than or equal to $10 (Required).
  3. You should receive an email from Razoo when your donation goes through. If you have donated, and you did not received a Thank You email, contact for assistance.

How it works:

Annual Reader Reward:

After a year in the collective, a member of our team will contact you about a gift of your choosing from an array of gifts, such as a pair of State Room tickets, as a token of our gratitude for your participation in the collective. This is a reward just for you.

Monthly Opportunity Gift:

An email will be sent out to all Collective member’s emails (the address attached to your donation) when particular reader gifts are available. Gifts may be available to one respondent, or many, it will vary with each offer. To apply for the gift, respond to the email as quickly as possible, as some gifts may expire in 24 hours. One member (or a few) will be chosen for each gift.*



*Disclaimer: Readers are chosen at random each Opportunity Gift. We reserve the right to choose any Collective Member. (We want to spread the gifts to all!)