A Wise Sacrifice

By Katherine Pioli

by Katherine Pioli

Water and public health at the heart of Becker’s Parley’s plan.

pioliLooking out on Salt Lake Valley, across the gray concrete of highways and the green of human-planted trees, it is easy to forget that Salt Lake is, underneath it all, a desert. But for our city and county officials charged with keeping Salt Lake a safe and desirable place to live now and into the future, this single fact is of utmost importance. In this desert, water and water quality is perhaps the most impor­­tant issue for our local government. Decisions and sacrifices will be made to assure a constant supply of safe water to our growing population, even at the risk of losing popular public opinion. Such is the case with Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker’s recent changes to Parley’s Historic Nature Park.


This article was originally published on January 27, 2011.