A Reader Asks About the Palmistry Fame Line

By Margaret Ruth

Margaret Ruth,
Can you post Palmistry information on the Fame Line and the Girdle of Venus?
— Jehanzeb, Lahore

Certainly and thank you for sending me your good question.

The Fame Line in Palmistry is also known as the Apollo Line, Sun Line or Success Line. The Apollo line indicates worldly attainments or rewards, creative expression, brilliance and is related to the probability of contentment or happiness. It can represent money, recognition, artistry, success, cheerfulness, fame, and other types of rewards and creative projects. It indicates the presence of personal contentment, satisfaction with life and work, creative fulfillment, artistic talent money and fame.

Not every hand has an Apollo line and it can start from many places and sometimes only appearing in fragments. The easiest way to find Apollo lines is to locate vertical lines that are headed for the ring finger, which is also known as the Apollo or Sun finger. Apollo Line or Fame Line

A long clear line that starts low on the palm, near the wrist might indicate a personality that has always pushed or wanted some type of rewards whether they are worldly or creative. Talents and interests are successfully applied from an early age. A line that starts later in the palm shows rewards coming later in life. Lack of an Apollo line may mean that rewards in a worldly sense aren’t valued or the individual never feels successful or happy — no matter how wealthy or famous. I’ll have more explanation in my Palmistry book coming out in 2011 but until then, here are some general indicators below.

Some Details about Interpreting the Apollo Line

Ends in a fork: Additional interests; outstanding success
Clear, Deep line: Clarity of vision, feeling rewarded; results known
Faint, weak line: Feeling unappreciated; confusion; or outward results undetermined at this time
Double line: Distinctly different areas of rewards
Multiple lines: Versatility, multi-talented, variety of rewards

The Girdle of Venus Marking

Girdle of Venus MarkingThe Girdle of Venus (GV) is semi-circle that goes from between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers to between Apollo and Mercury. If full, it indicates extreme emotional sensitivity, sensuality, and an underlying nervous tension. Can indicate mood swings and/or dependencies – either emotional or otherwise. The emotions, passions, nervous energy and sensitivities shown by either a full GV or partial markings can be channeled into very creative output.

This article was originally published on November 20, 2009.