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A Life in the Garden

By Jane Lyon

Want to be a better gardener? Start here for inspiration and practical assistance.

A life in the garden Conservation Garden Park

8275 S. 1300 W. West Jordan, Utah. For most workshops you will need to bring gloves. More classes listed online. conservationgardenpark.org/

Take their educational survey online to gain a free promotional code to many of their workshops

April 14: Localscapes Irrigation Workshop. 9a-noon. Everything you need to know to get started on your own Localscape irrigation system. Registration required,. $10/7.50 for those who come in pairs. Also on July 28 and September 29.

April 18: Growing Fruit Trees. 11a-12:30p. Learn how to make your fruit trees healthy and pest-free. Taught by Katie Wagner/ Utah State University Extension Free with promo code.

April 18: Tree Grafting Workshop. 1:30-3p. Learn to propagate fruit trees in this hands-on workshop. Two grafted apple trees are included with the registration fee. $20.

April 21 Urban Homestead Expo. 9a-3p. Calling all backyard gardeners, urban homesteaders, and hobby farmers! Do you want to step up your sustainability game? Interested in moving beyond tomatoes and peppers in your garden? Come to the Backyard Homestead Expo at Conservation Garden Park to learn from experts. Booths and presentations. Free.

April 28: Organic Vegetable Gardening. 9-10:30a. Organic options for pest control, plant nutrition. Taught by Katie Wagner/ Utah State University Extension.

April 28: Waterwise Tree and Shrub Tour. 10a-noon. Not all trees and shrubs are created equal, find out which trees and shrubs are best suited to Utah’s climate. Also on June 9 and August 4.

May 19: Waterwise Perennials Tour. 10a-noon. Find out what’s blooming in the Garden and why they grow well along the Wasatch Front. Also happening July 21 and September 15.

May 26: Work and Learn: Planting. 10a-11:30a. How a plant is planted is a major factor in how well it thrives. Learn the best techniques for successful planting. Registration required.

July 19: Work and Learn: Lavender Care. 6-7p. Best yard care practices you can use in your own yard. Registration required.

August 4: Work and Learn: Switching to Drip. 10-11:30a. Learn how to switch out your sprinklers to a drip system and help us make a switch too.  Registration required.

May 26: Creating Water Wise Parking Strips. 6:30-8p. This class focuses on techniques to save water through design, including plants that will thrive in these tough sites. Registration required. $5. Also on June 7, July 12, August 9 and September 13.

September 15: Turning Over Your Garden: Fall Yard and Garden. 9-10a. Learn how to put your yard to bed for the winter from a local horticulture expert. Taught by Katie Wagner/ Utah State University Extension. Registration required.

Krishna’s Food Forest & Community Garden

965 E 3370 S. SLC, UT 84106.  Contact: Michael Cundick, 801.722.5865, krishnasfoodforest.org/

April 1. CSA program opens. Make your order online.

Mondays 5:30-9p. Salt Lake Permaculture Guild vegetarian/vegan potluck, work in the garden together, followed by presentation on practical earth stewardship  topics.

Saturdays: Mini Earth day celebrations/workshops. Updates: facebook.com/slckrishnafoodforest

LDS Temple Square Garden Tours

50 W. North Temple.  Weekdays, 11a @ east lobby desk of the Church Office Building.

600,000 plants and 200,000 flowers are blooming this spring and summer in Salt Lake City’s historic Temple Square with the help of 1,000 volunteers. Free. No appointment needed.

Ogden Nature Center

966 W. 12th St., Ogden, Utah. Contact: Mikenzie, 801.621.7595, mhart@ogdennaturecenter.org/

April 7: Spring Planting Spectacular. 10a-1p. Volunteers are needed to help plant native trees and shrubs. All ages welcome! RSVP required.

April 14: Seed Saving Workshop. 10a-1p. Locally produced seeds yield hardier, more delicious crops. Join the Ogden Seed Exchange to learn how to select, pollinate, harvest, clean and save seeds produced in your own garden. No RSVP necessary.

Red Butte Garden

(cosponsored with Life Long Learning). 300 Wakara Way. redbuttegarden.org/

April 16- 30 on Mondays. Trees and Shrubs for Residential Landscapes. 6-8:30p. A look at 60 trees and shrubs suited for the Utah landscape discussing plant characteristics, size, growth pattern, and maintenance requirements. $124/112 for members.

April 19-26 on Thursdays. Irrigation Basics. 6:30-8:30p. Red Butte Garden Classroom. Whether your landscaping involves waterwise plantings, plants that require regular water, or a combination of the two, using the right irrigation for your landscape can substantially reduce water use while helping your garden flourish. $54/50 for members.

April 24- May 1 on Tuesdays. Waterwise Landscapes. 6-8p. Red Butte Garden Classroom. Learn which waterwise perennials to combine for continual bloom; how to group plants according to water needs, color, and texture; and the unique design and maintenance requirements of water-wise gardening. $59/53 for members.

Wasatch Community Gardens

Various locations in SLC. wasatchgardens.org/

April 7: Potting Up In The Greenhouse. 10a-noon @ Grateful Tomato Garden. Learn how to transplant tomato seedlings from their starter cell trays into larger pots. You will also learn why and how to harden off tomato and pepper seedlings in preparation for transplanting into the garden in May. $25. 800 S 600 E.

April 7: Sowing Spring Crops. 2-4p @ Grateful Tomato Garden. Learn the basics of planting cool season crops: when to plant which crops, days to maturity, seed spacing, seed planting depth, and seed planting techniques such as single-row/furrow planting and wide-row/broadcast planting. $20.  800 S 600 E.

April 11: Selecting Super Seeds. 6-8p. @ TURN Community Services. Learn about Ark of Taste seeds and more! How to choose, based on  flavor, compatibility with other plants, space limitations, days to maturity, pest- and disease-resistance, regional adaptation and heat- and cold-tolerance. Take home an assortment of free seeds! $20. 423 W 800 S.

April 14: Soil Basics with Celia Bell. 10a-noon. Grateful Tomato Garden. Soil components, texture and structure, the role of water and air in soil, how to take a soil sample for a soil test and interpret results. $20. 800 S 600 E.

April 14: Organic Fertilizers and Amendments. 2-4p. @ Grateful Tomato Garden. Get hands-on experience calculating the correct amount of nitrogen and other materials to add and on working those amendments into the soil. Working lab. $20. 800 S 600 E.

April 18: Advanced Chicken Care #1. 6-8p. @ Grateful Tomato Garden. Learn about some of the most common ailments you’re likely to encounter with an adult flock: the proper way to examine a chicken, what to keep in a basic first aid kit, parasites. $15.

April 21: Soil Biology with James Loomis. 10a-noon. TURN Community Services. Dive into the wonderful world of microbes, the fundamental pioneers of life on this planet, and learn about the living web of microscopic organisms in the soil. James Loomis, Wasatch Community Gardens’ GREEN TEAM farm manager and CATALYST garden writer, will teach participants about how healthy soil functions and its relationship to all of the other living components of Regenerative Agriculture Design. James will have his microscope on hand to show you these soil organisms and their behavior. Meet the nematodes! $15. 423 W 800 S.

April 21: All About Tomatoes. 2-4p @ TURN Community Services. Learn how to “talk tomato” and decipher all the lingo on tomato plant tags, which will help you select the best varieties for your individual garden site and your cooking/eating preferences; tips for boosting productivity; common pests and diseases. This workshop is a 423 W 800 S. $20.

April 28: Meet the Red Wigglers. 10a-noon @ Grateful Tomato Garden. Make your own compost indoors year-round using worms! For those trying to make their own worm bins to take home, we’ll make some fresh bedding for the red wigglers and make worm bins. $50 – includes supplies. 800 S 600 E.

May 17: Tomato Planting Tips and Tricks. 6-8p. @ Grateful Tomato Garden. Learn about deep planting and trench planting techniques, proper plant spacing according to variety, more tips for how to increase your tomato productivity, flavor and plant health. $20. 800 S 600 E.

June 13: Tomato Pruning and Trellising. 6-8p @ Grateful Tomato Garden. Trellising and caging techniques for indeterminate (vining-type) tomatoes.  Help trellis a 34′ row of slicing and cherry tomatoes while reviewing the how’s and why’s of bottom-pruning, sucker-pruning and top-pruning.  These techniques are relatively simple, extremely affordable and an effective way to increase the health and productivity of your tomato plants.$20. 800 S 600 E.

CATALYST Magazine/Common Good Press presents BEE  FEST: A Celebration of Pollination!

June 16: 9am-2pm, at the Green Team Urban Farm just west of the Gateway. Education, entertainment, hands-on activities pertaining to pollinators and the plants they love. Native plant sale. Details coming soon. CatalystMagazine.net/

This article was originally published on March 31, 2018.