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What’s new: Stories … and babies

Welcome to our fifth exclusively online edition. We’re excited to see readership numbers go­ing up each month—you are finding us! Please help spread the word. This month Amy Brunva …


Arts, Enjoy

On the Cover: Paradox by Taylor Yingshi Wang

Taylor Yingshi is an emerging artist who hopes to use her art as a vessel to express the emotions of growing up as part of an interconnected, socially conscious generation. Yingshi …


Environmental Politics, Think


I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is. – Greta Thunberg   Don’t Bomb the Bighorns Utah Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-1) may not be running for reelection, b …


Nature, Resources, Think

Urban Almanac August 2020: A monthly compendium of random wisdom from the natural world and beyond

1  Average temps today: high 92º, low 67º. Sunrise: 6:24am. Sunset:   8:42pm. On this date in 1944, Anne Frank wrote her last diary entry. 2  James Baldwin was born on this date in …


Environmental Politics, Health

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke: Fireworks are terrible for the environment, especially for air quality

Some people just can’t fathom a 4th of July or Pioneer Day holiday without fireworks. The bright colors, loud booms and bangs are thrilling to some. But for other people (and dogs) …


Community, Food & Health

Man on a mission: from Nigeria to SLC, Utah, beekeeper Adesina Daniel Oduntan shares his passion for bees and beekeeping

Adesina Daniel Oduntan is a beekeeper, author, entomologist, a German-trained queen bee breeder and an apitherapist. He is the founder and CEO of Bee-Craft Consult LLC in Salt Lake …



Tattoos for bees: Making a point, one tatt at a time

Let most seven-year-olds loose in Utah’s Natural History Museum and they’re bound to gravitate toward the giant dinosaur fossils of the Past Worlds exhibit or the dazzling colors a …


Alternative Therapies, Heal

Sahasrara the crown chakra: Seeking an intimate relationship with the cosmos

Editor’s note: The Chakra Series, by Todd Mangum, MD, first appeared in CATALYST in 1995 and was repeated in 2009 and 2013. These stories remain among the most read in our online l …


Garden, Live

My rowdy friends: Paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets are a gardener’s midsummer allies.

We all have that “one friend”—the one you think twice about taking anywhere, knowing they’re most likely going to say the wrong thing, get in a fight and possibly cause a little pr …


Social Justice, Think

It’s time for a reckoning: A review of Danielle Sered’s “Until We Reckon: Violence, Mass Incarceration, and a Road to Repair”

Here are some questions I hear all the time when I speak to people about abolition: “But what about the murderers/rapists/bad guys?” “Yeah, prisons are bad, but what’s the alternat …


Eat, Local Harvest, Restaurant and Chef Profiles

Not fade away: Quintessential good/food citizen Jorge Fierro feels love

Jorge Fierro feels love from the community he has graciously served for two decades as his longtime Westside business, Rico Brand Mexican Foods, faces eviction by a new landlord de …


Heal, Health

Dance with king Covid: An early chronicle of denial, discovery and recovery

I’m one of the healthy, active ones who got it. I danced with King Covid. It was a tricky, unpredictable dance—one that had no rhythm, timing or well-choreographed steps. It was sn …


Move, Yoga

Yoga of presence: Finding your intelligent edge

Before I began teaching yoga, I assisted in classes for about four years. My job was to walk around the room and make adjustments while the teachers taught and demonstrated poses. …


Enjoy, Entertainment, Memior

Phony: Remembrances of phone systems past.

Felt deeply sad at the end of the month as I watched the clock grind to midnight. With one eye on the phone and one on the clock I was waiting for the flat line of my land line. Af …


Arts, Enjoy

Personal space: Kids need it, too

Says author of Plan-B Theatre’s new children’s play, Presenting: Super Cat and Reptile Robot. My husband and I moved from the Bay Area to Salt Lake City four years ago because we h …


Astrology, Intuitive Arts, Think

Metaphors for the month: Become your own revolution

Osho Zen Tarot:  Thunderbolt, Awareness Medicine Cards: Deer, Mouse Mayan Oracle: Eb, Universal Movement Ancient Egyptian Tarot:  Nine of Disks, Prince of Disks Six of Cups Aleiste …


Arts, Enjoy

On the cover: Dig by Rebecca Campbell

Native Utahn Rebecca Campbell received her MFA in painting and drawing in June 2001 from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has exhibited nationally and internationally …


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What you’ll find in this issue.

It’s not as if all the regular shenanigans and triumphs that usually make the news are nonexistent, now that pandemics and social injustices and awakenings command the headlines: T …