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CATALYST Previews TEDxSaltLakeCity 2020: (Un)Conventional Wisdom

2020 has been an exceptionally unconventional year, so it makes sense for TEDxSLC to focus on “unconventional wisdom” for this year’s theme. TEDxSLC 2020, happening on September 19 …


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On the Cover: Owl Eyes by Phil Lewis

Phil Lewis channels a deep connection to natural wonder—awesome wildlife, epic mountains, and vast landscapes—into vibrant art and inspired goods. As a visual artist, Phil digitall …


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Environews: September 2020

Something to celebrate! Great American Outdoors Act Becomes Law The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA), signed into law on August 4, is something big to celebrate! This landmark le …


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Resmaa Menakem’s book My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathways to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies is about practice, not just concepts

When Menakem was a young boy, his grandmother would often ask him to rub her sore hands. One day, he asked why her hands were so different from his, why her fingers were so thick. …



My summer of screech owls: the things we see when there’s time to sit still

The owls came to me this summer. I think it’s because of Covid—whether they have always come and I only noticed them because I’ve been home so much or because, as some friends of a …


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Surfing the new wave of waste: masks, medical waste, carry-out dining: Here’s the scoop on the current recycling scene in Salt Lake City.

The recent massive influx of single-use disposable waste, often plastic—masks, gloves and hand sanitizer bottles in addition to quantities of single-use medical supplies—has litera …


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Environmental Justice: Where are we now?

In light of recent events, the topic of environmental justice is finally gaining traction. Here’s where we’re at in Salt Lake City This, the first of three articles on environmenta …


Local Harvest

Plant more vegetables now! Master the wild ride of erratic weather for a perpetual yield in the garden

As the tomatoes give way to endless bowls of salad greens and carrots growing sweeter as the nights grow cooler, the boss level gardener always has enough to share. Simple in theor …


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Utah’s mycophile nexus: meet the mushroom people

There’s a word for it in the Potawatomi language: puhpowee, the force that causes mushrooms to push up from the earth overnight. We’re lucky to have fungi—a whole kingdom of organi …


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A DIY meditation retreat: Previously hidden treasures can emerge

Like so many traditions, the 18-day meditation retreat I attend each year at Spirit Rock Meditation Center was not to be in 2020. The retreat has become a touchstone for my partner …


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Stephen King’s Groundhog Day

Maybe if we could start over and rebrand 2020 as the Corvid Pandademic it would seem cuter and tolerable. Who wouldn’t like to be overwhelmed with frolicking magpies and pandas? As …


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Almanac September 2020

September 1  Sunrise 6:54 am, Sunset 7:59 pm. Av. high: 78 degrees; Av. low: 58. September 2  National Preparedness Month. Make an evacuation kit for your pets: leash, crate, healt …


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September 2020: Time to perceive, receive and use your abilities

Osho Zen Tarot:  Ripeness, Integration, Sorrow Medicine Cards: Hawk, Crow, Wolf Mayan Oracle: Realm Shift, Ahau Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Disks, Three of Wands, Five of Wand …



San Francisco and the Summer of Covid 19: Part One Getting there is definitely part of the trip

I missed the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1967, stuck instead in Provo working my first full-time job at my dad’s office. Three years later I got there, on my way to Vietnam. …


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What’s new: Stories … and babies

Welcome to our fifth exclusively online edition. We’re excited to see readership numbers go­ing up each month—you are finding us! Please help spread the word. This month Amy Brunva …


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Using the camera as a tool for healing: Sky Hopinka’s maɬni – towards the ocean, towards the shore

Lush, green forests of the Pacific Northwest immerse viewers in nature. A Chinookan woman with long, inky black hair named Sweetwater Sahme stands beside a waterfall. We’ve learned …


Bonus: Vision Quest Beyond the COVID Pandemic

Daniel Tapsell, Zen Buddhist Monk, acupuncturist specializing in resilience through mentoring in compassion and mindfulness training guides you through a meditation and vision ques …


Episode 4: British Zen Buddhist monk has COVID in Italy

Daniel Tapsell didn’t feel so well as he was leaving London in late February before the pandemic was fully realized. His vacation in Italy was supposed to be a relaxing retreat in …