On the Cover

300 Plates artist Kelie Hess

By Staff

I work with paint on canvas to create images that provoke positive emotions and ideas that lift one’s soul to a happy place.  Vibrant colors and bold brush strokes to evoke feelings of strength and maybe even courage.

I was born with a condition that causes my joints to restrict and contract and lungs that do not work without assistance.  I use a wheelchair for daily mobility and a ventilator keeps my lungs working and happy. These are secondary details to my primary life filled with the creative work I do as an artist, the full time work I do in the human service field, the love of my husband, family, and friends, my passion for making connections with people, and a focus on my place in the process of becoming the best version of myself.

I think life requires creative thinking.   It takes imagination to work through challenges or what some may consider a limitation.  We are only limited by our own perception of what we think we can or cannot do and by our drive to find solutions for accomplishing what we want to make happen.  I appreciate my life with a disability and feel that it gives me insight and perspective that I might not have otherwise. I feel my circumstances have helped train my mind to think creatively.  Life is art.  Our masterpiece is an elaborate work, rich in color and design, and each element is made up of decisions we make, relationships we develop, and attitudes we cultivate.

My work can be found on canvas that I paint and in the life that I decide to create for myself.  It is my hope to make both, a work of interest and beauty. u

Kelie Hess@colorsofkelie    www.colors.kelie.com    Kelie lives in Ogden

This month’s cover image is the work of Kelie Babcock Hess, one of Art Access 2018 Partner Artist Mentoring Program mentees, and is one of of 400 plates in Art Access annual 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition.


300 Plates is May 16 at the Gateway. Buy your ticket today for a chance to take home a unique work of art and support Art Access’ mission to make the arts accessible to everyone. www.accessart.org  or call 801-328-0703. “

This article was originally published on April 30, 2019.