Utah’s Diverse Cultural Arts at the 2021 Living Traditions Festival

By Staff

The Living Traditions Festival is celebrating 35 years of fostering the preservation and inclusion of Utah’s diverse cultural landscape through presentations of dance, music, craft, and culinary arts. Stay up to date on the performing artists line up, food and craft vendors, community partners, sponsors, and workshops by going to LivingTraditionsFestival.com or follow their social sites @SLCLivingTrad.

June 26 | noon – 9 pm | Washington Square, SLC

May 15 at Washington Square
May 22 at the Chase Home Museum
May 23 at The Gateway
May 29 at the International Peace Garden

Everyone seems to be magnetically drawn to the Living Traditions Festival. Some head straight to “food row,” carefully making the decision to visit a new food booth from year to year (or hour to hour). Others appreciate watching the traditional dance and music during the day and visiting the artisans displaying and sharing their craft. And still others go for the headline acts which showcase performers who layer traditional music with a contemporary twist.

The festival has typically been held in mid-May and to us, it represented the kick-off to the summer festival season in Salt Lake City. For 2021, Living Traditions is back with an event that spans multiple weekends and travels to different locations around Salt Lake City. The final event takes place at Washington Square Park on Saturday, June 26.

We attended the festival on May 29 held at the International Peace Garden and observed artists making Burmese weavings, Armenian rugs, Mexican paper flowers and Japanese origami and bonsai. Be sure to check out the final event on June 26.

This article was originally published on June 18, 2021.