RAW Art Review: Craft Lake City Workshop, Embroidery with the Cotton Floozy

By Adele Flail

Last night CATALYST checked out the first of Craft Lake City‘s Artist Workshop series. The ‘shop, held at the Garage on Beck St., featured plenty of embroidery floss, booze, and flooz. Get the full scoop, after the jump.

 120919 CottonFloozy1“Gangsta crafta” Marie Brian, aka the Cotton Floozy, uses the skulls of her enemies as pincushions.

With Craft Lake City‘s major festival for all things DIY left behind with the summer, the organization is gearing up to provide artists and crafters with a series of workshops to get them through the sad indoor months. The first workshop in this year’s series featured Marie Brian of Cotton Floozy fame, along with some back-up from the Happy Valley Crafters. Brian— mother, waffle-lover, Grammar Hippie, and needlepoint provocateur— specializes in subversive embroideries. While the sweetie-pie samplers may look like grandma’s at first glance, the order to “go f***k yourself” is not (unless, I suppose, your gramma is also a long-haul trucker). Other motifs include memes from The Big Lebowski or Fight Club, and backstitched zombies moaning for brains shamble right alongside pretty birdies.
120919 CottonFloozy3

The $5 class fee covers materials; in this case, a kit with needle, thread, a small embroidery hoop, quilt batting, felt backing, and fabric. Participants also received a nifty little booklet covering the steps needed to avoid sewing one’s own fingers together and to emerge triumphantly from the crafting table with one’s own subversice stichery held high. While the class focused on simple motifs done in basic backstitch, the beer, $1 tacos, and comraderie to be found at the Garage ensured that even the veteran crafters had a good time— and won some prizes for completing their projects.

120919 CottonFloozy2The next workshop will be held sometime in mid-November; although the rest of the season’s classes aren’t yet confirmed, the previous year’s offerings included hand-sewn christmas ornaments, cardboard chandeliers, letterpress, and screenprinting workshops—so if thread-banging isn’t exactly your brand of rock and roll, the good folks over at Craft Lake City will be bringing you something to inspire your artistry, or get you crackin’ at a new hobby. Upcoming classes will be posted to Craft Lake City’s site, and of course, check out CATALYST’s Arts Calendar in November to keep up on this and other upcoming artsy events that you won’t want to miss.

120919 CottonFloozy5120919 CottonFloozy4


This article was originally published on September 19, 2012.