Art Happenings: Round-Up for April 23-29

April 24, 2012

Adele Flail

Welcome back to RAW art for another week of events. Starting in May, the format will change a bit: every month we’ll be posting an art calendar for the upcoming month (and you’ll be able to find it in CATALYST’s print version). This way you’ll have plenty of time to register for classes or workshops you read about here, as some of them tend to fill up quickly. Weekly on Sundays we’ll have alerts or reminders about any must-sees for the coming week, and by mid-May check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays for… well, you’ll have to wait and see. 😉





For those of you that would like to get involved in the Burning Man community, but haven’t made the plunge yet, Element 11, Utah’s regional Burning Man contingent, held a volunteer vitalization event this past weekend, but more volunteers will be needed throughout the season. If you are looking for a way to work on a collaborative art project, meet some awesome people, and play with fire (in the fun way!) then check out E11’s Facebook page for volunteers or their website for more info. 



Friday April 27 & Saturday April 28


RU LowlivesThe Utah Museum of Fine Arts is presenting Low Lives 4, a two-day festival features more than 50 live performance-based artworks from around the world, transmitted over the web and projected in real-time to 25 international venues. An annual festival highlighting works that investigate, challenge, and extend the potential of networked performance practices, audience members here in Salt Lake will be linked with the audiences around the world, showcasing technology’s ability to transcend boundaries and borders to share information and art. The show will embrace low-tech aesthetics like low pixel images and muddled sound quality— the qualities that mark our own communications as real, immediate, and authentic. Michelle Ellsworth will be the featured performance artist in Utah presenting on-site on Friday at 9p and Saturday at 3:30p; Ellsworth focuses on solo performance work, performable websites, drawings, and videos, and will presenting two “performance sculptures” for this event. Low Lives was found in 2009 by artist and independent curator Jorge Rojas, who will conduct the event from the G. W. Anderson Family Great Hall. You can also find a live simulcast of the event at Price is included with admission.


 UMFA, 410 Campus Center Drive, Friday 6:30-9:30p & Saturday 1-4p.



Saturday April 28


Join the University of Utah’s Continuing Ed program for this week’s introductory class “Stained Glass Mosaic Tiling“. Ranging in size from the minuscule to large-scale public murals, mosaics have been popular since classical times—if you’ve been saying for years that what your home really needs is an enclosed courtyard complete with mural of nymphs and satyrs frolicking at a drunken Bacchanal, but you haven’t been sure where to start, this class is for you. (This class may also work for those needing a set of coasters for the coffee table.) Once you’ve mastered the basics—such as cutting glass, forming a design, adhering the glass to a surface, and grouting it into place— with a small in-class project, you’ll be able to mosaic with the best of them. No artistic experience is necessary; cost is $104, you can register here.

Pioneer Craft House, 3271 South 500 East.