10 Commandments for Responsible Living


Live in a way that satisfies your needs without detracting from the opportunity of other people to satisfy theirs.

Live in a way that respects the right to life and development of all other people, wherever they live, and whatever their ethnic origin, sex, citizenship, and belief system.

Live in a way that safeguards the right to life and a healthy environment of all the things that live and grow on this Earth.

Pursue happiness, freedom and personal fulfillment in consideration of the similar pursuits of your fellows in your community, country and culture, and in the global community of all peoples, countries, and cultures.

Do your best to help those less privileged than you to live without hunger and penury, whether they live next door to you or in another part of the world.

Join like-minded people to preserve or restore the integrity of the environment so that it can generate and regenerate the resources essential for human life and well-being.

Help children and young to discover sustainable ways of thinking and acting on their own.

Ask your government to deal peacefully and cooperatively with other nations and cultures, recognizing the legitimate aspirations for a better life and a life-supporting environment of all the peoples, countries and cultures of the world.

Patronize businesses that produce goods and offer services that satisfy your needs and the needs of other people without impairing the environment and widening the gap between rich and poor in your community and the world at large.

Give preference to newspapers and magazines, television and radio programs and Internet sites that provide regular and reliable information on the trends and events that affect your life, and help you and others around you make informed decisions on crucial issues affecting your future.

This article was originally published on January 31, 2007.