On the Cover: April 2014

Written by Staff
Published in Regulars & Shorts

"Melissa, Goddess of the Bees."
by Cat Hawkins

Slightly Off Center: April 2014

Written by Dennis Hinkamp
Published in Regulars & Shorts

A Dog's "Howl," with apologies to Allen Ginsberg.
by Dennis Hinkamp

Environews: April 2014

Written by Amy Brunvand
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Utah legislature cleans the air (a little bit, maybe); Sierra Club rates 2014 legislature; ski industry launches new bid to grab Wasatch; civil disobedience highlights plight of Yellowstone bison; Ogden pro- motes the business of bicycling.
by Amy Brunvand

Smart Giving

Written by Katherine Pioli
Published in Regulars & Shorts

You see those voluntary contribu-tion list on your state taxes every year. Which ones to say yes to?
by Katherine Pioli

Bills on the Hill

Written by Marjorie McCloy
Published in Features & Occasionals

I'm trying very hard to feel good about what happened in the Legislature regarding air quality this session. After all, eight bills designed to reduce emissions passed into law—seven more than last year. In an era where it's hard to find bipartisan support for anything, legislators on both sides of the aisle voted for—and funded—these bills. And when the dust cleared, $4.6 million was approved in new air quality spending, including much-needed dollars for the underfunded Department of Air Quality.

Pilgrims and Partiers

Written by Jennifer McGrew
Published in Features & Occasionals

For cosplayers, creating and wearing the costume of their hero is an act of holy devotion. I know this because, at a quick pace and for a fee, I am sometimes employed in making these costumes. Just ahead of Salt Lake's first Comic Con last September, I found myself working on costumes for two young male clients who met one day in my studio.

Compassionate Communication

Written by Katherine Pioli
Published in Features & Occasionals

I had come home broken-hearted and crying. My best friend had just announced that she didn't want me talking to her. We were in middle school and I wasn't cool enough anymore. Upon hearing the news, my mom responded with an irritating nugget of motherly advice—go make new friends. It was about the last thing that my teenage ears wanted to hear. I didn't need to be told how to make things better. I just wanted to talk. I needed someone to listen.

Comings & Goings: April 2014

What's new around town.
by Sophie Silverstone and Katherine Pioli

Get Dirty, Get Happy

Written by Diane Olson
Published in Features & Occasionals

Hey all you conspiracy theorists, I've got news for you. We're not being controlled by the U.N., I.M.F., FBI, CIA, LDS, Illuminati, Comcast, or Fox News. Nope, it's much bigger—and smaller—than that. As it turns out, our thoughts, actions and emotions are pretty much controlled by bazillions of microorganisms. We're under the thumbs, so to speak, of a bunch of thumbless organisms, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and who knows what all else.

33 Aprils

CATALYST was conceived in the Spring of 1981. It hit the newsstands in April of ’82. You are holding in your hands the 33rd April edition of CATALYST. You’ll see some of those 33 covers in this issue. Perusing all these Aprils, we see some perennial stories: This is the month when we ramp up the garden coverage. (Actually, this is the first April where we’ve not.) We’ve published enough garden info through the years that we could easily do a whole book called The CATALYST Guide to High Desert Gardening. April is also the month of the annual legislative roundup.

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