What They Carried

Written by Jane Lyon

Two of Salt Lake's most eclectic florists are generous with their advice.


Written by Amy Brunvand
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Environmental news from around the state and the West.
-by Amy Brunvand

The Timing of Eternity: Electional Astrology

Written by John deJong

You might marry for time and eternity, but it doesn't have to seem like eternity. If you get it right, you'll be amazed to find that 20 or 30 years have passed and you still love your partner at least as much as you did when you said "I do." Not much in a wedding is left to chance—with the distinct exception of the wedding date. It's usually chosen to fit the travel plans of out-of-town guests, and on a day when the celebration can go well into the night. If you've ever consulted an astrologer or asked someone, maybe even the one, what their sign is, you may be interested to know that when you marry is important. That's where electional astrology comes in.

Metaphors for the Month

Written by Suzanne Wagner
Published in Regulars & Shorts

The worthy jaguar.
--by Suzanne Wagner

Yoga Pose of the Month

Written by Charlotte Bell
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Sustainable stretching: Supta Padangustasana.
--by Charlotte Bell

Spring Planting

Written by James Loomis

When spring is in full swing, it's almost as if being indoors is engaging in inappropriate behavior. Hiding inside is to live in exile, to squander precious sunlight. Fortunately, you know better than that. It's barely May and you already have a tan line. This season's ridiculously early warm weather has given us all plenty of time to prep our gardens and reconnect with the soil and, with the last frost date rapidly approaching, we can finally throw off the shackles of restraint and plug in those warm weather crops!

The Wedding Venue

Written by Clare Boerigter

Nontraditional wedding and reception sites offer their own special charm and often cost less than traditional full-service venues. However, be sure to factor in time, effort and additional cost if you have additional needs: tents, portable potties, a dance floor, maybe even electrical generators. If you're considering an outdoor gathering, visit possible locations at the time of day (and, ideally, the season) you will be marrying, and consider accomodations for inclement weather. Also, the venue may provide all you need in the way of decor. Or not. Take note.

Marrying Mr. Wright

Written by Stephanee Grosscup

On May 31, 1999, my loving friend Brian Wright and I did something completely unconventional. We married each other. Brian was one of the most extraordinary, funny, loving, talented, literate, athletic, musically inclined, intelligent, strong, sensitive, communicative, sarcastic, live-in-the-moment and wise human beings that has walked upon this planet. Brian was also a super gay man.

Shall We Dance?

Written by Amy Brunvand

Finnish anthropologist Edward Westermarck recounts some alarming traditional marriage rites in his 1891 book, The History of Human Marriage. Con­tents include the bride or groom beating the other, shutting up the bride in a box, the use of animal blood...yikes! But Westermarck also has something to say about the reason for dancing at weddings.

The Re-Wedding

Written by Alice Toler

By the time Trent and I had been married three years, our relationship was in pretty bad shape. All the joy and fun we'd shared when we first tied the knot had somehow trickled away, and left behind were the giant piles of emotional baggage that, it turned out, we'd each been toting around.

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