The Kratom Chronicles

Written by Alice Toler

What if I told you there was an herb used by thousands to self treat chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and to wean off dangerous opioid medications, and that a controversy over legality was currently playing out state by state in the USA? You’d think I was talking about marijuana, right? But you’d be wrong. It’s kratom.

Editor's Notebook

Monday, 02 May 2016 21:30 Written by Greta Belanger deJong
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An evening at the Republican with Stephen and Angela.
by Greta Belanger deJong

Memoirs of a Lucky Man

In the one of the classics of the Hindu religion, the Katha Upani­shad, written some 3,000 years ago, a little boy named Nachiketa meets the Indian deity of Death who is called Yama. Along the way the boy and Death bargain with each other, discuss the foundations of how we know ourselves, our soul, our place in time and the idea of moksha—the sense of true liberation. Ultimately what’s told in the story of the Katha is that knowing ourselves and a faith and belief in our own story is the highest bliss. It’s a lesson of what can be learned from death if we sit with it for a while and think.

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