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"Mending a Broken Heart."
by Kindra Fehr

Editor's Notebook

This is the Harvest Issue. I’m glad other people are harvesting be­cause, through the blessing of farmers markets and friends, I won’t starve. My own garden was just plain dumb this year. I could blame it on the sudden death of my most-favorite-dog-ever, Tesla, and my decision to bury him in the best garden plot in the yard. But as he died on June 29, well past prime planting time, you can see that’s a lame excuse.

Putting the Mission Before the Money

Written by Pax Rasmussen

The old model of a small, independent magazine existing solely on advertising dollars is coming to an end. CATALYST has always been an endeavor that exists on the support of the community (we’re where the business and non-profit community has chosen to place their advertising dollars), but now, we’d like to ask for that support more directly, from a few community members who see value in what we offer. For CATALYST to keep providing the news and information we’ve been proud to offer for the last 33 years, we need support, in the form of direct memberships.

Environews: October 2015

Written by Amy Brunvand
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Environmental news from around the state and the West.
—by Amy Brunvand

Slightly Off Center

Written by Dennis Hinkamp
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Why not?
—by Dennis Hinkamp

Glyphosate Marketing Organizations

Written by John deJong
Published in Regulars & Shorts

They may be more dangerous to our health than Genetically Modified Organisms.
—by John deJong


Written by Charlotte Bell
Published in Regulars & Shorts

The autumn fruit of the ancients.
—by Charlotte Bell

Eating Through the Seasons

Written by Alison Einerson

The cool evenings and shorter days of fall herald the inevitable slowdown of the garden. Our thoughts turn to soups and stews, thick hearty chili, maybe a nice lasagna or hearty meatloaf. Now is the time to preserve all the beautiful produce you’ve grown or purchased in bulk at your local farmers market so that you can prepare delicious dishes from the garden all winter long. There are many ways to preserve your garden goods, but let’s start with the easiest of all preservation methods.

From Greenhouses to Garden Cloaks

Written by James Loomis
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Extend your growing season!
—by James Loomis

Seed Money

Written by Katherine Pioli
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Slow Food Utah microgrant recipients grow the cause of healthy local food.
—by Katherine Pioli

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