Written by Amy Brunvand
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Vote for the environment! Utah General Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014.
by Amy Brunvand

On the Cover: Alice Toler

Written by Staff
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Alice Bain Toler is a local writer and visionary artist.

Editor's Notebook

We probably all have personal signs that tell us, yep, the season has changed. For me, fall begins when I wake up, look west out my bedroom window and see in the distance the Oquirrh Mountains. They are my joy and inspiration through all the leafless months, disappearing when summer encases my house in a storm of apple, apricot and box elder leaves. Hello, Oquirrhs! Today is the first day I'm seeing you.

Don't Get Me Started

Written by John deJong
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Transit-disoriented development: Legislative audit of UTA reveals serious conflicts of interest.
by John deJong

Slightly Off Center

Written by Dennis Hinkamp
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Totally credible news.
by Dennis Hinkamp

The Ebb and Flow of Jazz

Written by Katherine Pioli

It's Thursday night, jazz night, at the Garage on Beck. Despite the bar's location on the industrial north side of Salt Lake next door to the fiery plumes of the oil refineries, and the fact that it's still a work night, a healthy gathering of people have come out for a drink. The group is half millennials and half baby boomers, though they're not really mixing. Hugged up to the bar next to the stage, a half dozen grey and balding heads nod in time to the sound of jazz guitarist Corey Christiansen. Out back on the patio, the younger crowd gathers around the fire pit to chat. For the younger patrons Christiansen's music appears incidental, perhaps even unnoticed.

Anodea Judith

Written by Jodi Mardesich

Until the 1970s, the chakras were little discussed, mostly mysterious wheels of energy ascribed to ancient yogic traditions. Since first learning about them in the 1970s, Anodea Judith has made teaching them her life's work. Her book Wheels of Life: A User's Guide To The Chakra System (1987, revised 1999: Llewellyn Worldwide) sold more than 250,000 copies. She calls them portals between the physical and spiritual planes that humans can harness to manifest the lives we want to live.

Travesty Mountain and the Colossus at Lehi

Throughout the State of Utah, monuments from Temple Square to Delicate Arch remind us of Utah's grandeur and dominion. Now, thanks to a fruitful collaboration between Traverse Mountain Outlets and the Yesco Sign Com­pany, we have one more icon to celebrate. Standing over 100 feet tall and signaling the entrance to (brace yourself) Utah County's first outlet mall, is a sign so large, it dwarfs even the Colossus at Rhodes. Literally: by two feet.

Meth in a Rhinestone Dress

Written by Alice Toler

The woman was screaming. I was nine years old, and it was about 2:30 in the morning. I had never been up at that hour before, and I had never heard a human being make sounds like this woman was making. We went out onto our back patio, which looked up onto an apartment block behind our house. A woman in a third floor apartment had the window open, and her leg was slung out over the ledge.

The Earth Has a Soul

The Utah Ecopsychology Project’s conference.
—Sophie Silverstone, Alice Toler, Naomi Silverstone

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