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The stuff-reduction business is booming. Books, magazines, blogs and websites are devoted to getting organized. Space-saving gizmos for the office, home and car fill entire stores, none of which existed before 1978.

On the Cover

Written by Staff
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Baba Yaga by Sunny Strasburg, Martin Stensaas and Ben Wiemeyer. Oil on Canvas.


Written by Amy Brunvand
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Environmental news around the state and the West.
by Amy Brunvand

Slightly Off Center

Written by Dennis Hinkamp
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Miracle for a cynic.
by Dennis Hinkamp


Written by Sue Allison

Twenty years ago, 10 of us were taken hostage at the downtown Salt Lake City Library [now the Leonardo] by a mentally ill man who had a gun, a bomb and an intention to kill us if his demands were not met.

Policing Force

Written by Katherine Pioli

Chris Burbank, a Salt Lake City native, was still a young recruit to the city's police force when on March 6, 1994 he responded with the city's SWAT team to an armed hostage situation at Salt Lake's downtown library. The stand-off with bomber Clifford Lynn Draper lasted more than six hours during which time Lt. Lloyd Prescott, who had managed to enter with the hostages, attempted to take control of the situation, finally disabling Draper and allowing the SWAT team to move in. In 2006, 12 years after participating in one of Salt Lake's most memorable and successful police interventions, Burbank became the city's 45th Chief of Police in charge of 450 sworn officers, 120 civilian employees and 150 community volunteers.

Volunteers Needed

Written by Katherine Pioli
Published in Regulars & Shorts

Opportunities for citizen journalists returning to KRCL Radio-90.9 FM in 2015.
by Katherine Pioli

Maybe It Is Your Thyroid

Written by Alice Toler

In early 2012, something weird started to happen to my body. I'd never had the most steady health, but this was something new; I was completely, utterly exhausted, all the time. My muscles trembled with the slightest exertion, and my joints ached. Most of the time I was shivering cold, but occasionally I was running a mild fever. A combination of anxiety and depression left me with a constant impending doom, like some unseen giant was waiting to squash me like a bug. I started to have trouble swallowing, and I could no longer sing without coughing.

Making a High-Stakes Oil Sands Play on the Tavaputs Plateau

Written by Katherine Pioli

Since 2005, a small Canadian oil firm by the name of US Oil Sands, Inc. has been slowly pulling together the pieces to develop the first oil sands mine in the United States, PR Springs, located on the Tavaputs Plateau in Utah's Uinta County. Last year, US Oil Sands finally locked in the investment they needed to fund the mine and earned a favorable ruling from Utah's Supreme Court after a lawsuit led by the Moab-based conservation organization Living Rivers.

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Written by Valerie Litchfield

You may know your Chinese astrological sign—knowledge likely gained from a placemat in a Chinese restaurant. Fair enough. If you've dined there recently, you probably know we are leaving the Year of the Horse and entering the Year of the Sheep, also sometimes referred to as the year of the goat (no relation)—or the ram—which is a male sheep.

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