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The Aquarium Age: April 15-21

Friday, 17 April 2015 00:23 Published in Aquarium Age

The planets are realigning in new patterns this week, and their dynamic interactions signal another week of powerful transitions here on Earth. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring takes hold and hibernation becomes a thing of the past. In the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite may be true, but that change of season also inspires action, even if the activity is geared toward contraction rather than expansion. Change is in the air—everywhere. But please don't jump to the conclusion that we're out of the reach of the Uranus/Pluto squares—we are well within their range.

The Aquarium Age: April 8-14

Thursday, 09 April 2015 17:34 Published in Aquarium Age

It's a tempestuous week here on Planet Earth, and the days as well as the nights are driven by passion and fervor, making impulse control a challenge. It would be wise to at least try to watch those urges with as much objectivity as you can muster. Too much self-indulgence just might land you in the middle of an intense situation you hadn't bargained for and aren't quite sure how to exit. But this celestial fire doesn't only spark strong reactions in individuals. It also ignites even more fanaticism in all those places already ablaze in violence. Expect eruptions—lots of them—from the personal to the political. But also know, this very same astral fire indicates an equally powerful potential for creative brilliance.

The Aquarium Age: April 1-7

Thursday, 02 April 2015 15:02 Published in Aquarium Age

The lunar eclipse on April 4 is the last major astral event of the season. Some will argue that Jupiter's "course correction"—it goes direct on April 8—is a big deal and Pluto's "course correction—it goes retrograde a week later on April 16—is also a big deal, but I don't think so. Well...maybe Jupiter, but only because it is a big planet that likes to throw its weight around. But truly there are no further teeth-gnashing planetary signatures until Mercury goes retrograde on May 18.

The Aquarium Age: March 25-31

Wednesday, 25 March 2015 22:10 Published in Aquarium Age

This week, next week, and for quite a distance into the future, you're likely to define success and stability by how skillfully you work your way through a multitude of shadows. Don't misunderstand—I'm not suggesting that the future is only dark and murky. But I am going to be honest about our current situation, which is clouded by a vast number of issues that will continue to insinuate themselves into our personal lives as well as into our collective experience until we find a way to transform and resolve those concerns through consciousness and creativity.

The Aquarium Age: Mar. 18-24

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 00:00 Published in Aquarium Age

The planets align in complex patterns this week, and working through the astral intricacies requires an expansive perspective. Expect to be confounded by the challenge of figuring out not only where to stand on a variety of issues, but also how to stand in relation to this mashugana world. So many significant transitions are occurring simultaneously that it's simply impossible to track the shifts. From political nervous breakdowns to the realization of just how deeply the fault lines of bigotry penetrate societal structures to the widening economic and educational chasms that exacerbate divisions in an already too divided world to religious fanaticism based on literalism, it's a mind-boggling mess. How to walk through the collective upheaval and still find meaning and purpose in the routines of daily life is the trial of the times. And while it is not an easy one, answering the call of this challenge is soul forging.

The Aquarium Age: March 11-17

Saturday, 14 March 2015 00:25 Published in Aquarium Age

Nervous systems are likely to grow increasingly twitchy this week, as Uranus and Pluto form their seventh and final square on March 16, turning up the heat on the caldron of change—personal and collective—and bringing it to a roiling boil. We've been in the unrelenting grip of this fractious interaction since spring 2012, and so much has shifted during the last three years that it's impossible to deem any one event as emblematic of the entire cycle or to deem this last contact as the most significant.

The Aquarium Age: Mar. 4-10

Friday, 06 March 2015 15:04 Published in Aquarium Age

On March 16, at 9:53:26 PM EDT Uranus and Pluto will complete the final square in a series of seven exact squares that began on June 24, 2012. And for the next several weeks, as they finish this cycle, daily life will reflect this last contact with escalating intensity—if such a thing is possible. Expect most of your fellow travelers to be on edge. This isn't a peaceful finale, and it is certain to wreak havoc on nervous systems, as well as on attitudes. Mars plays a large role in the culmination of this fractious Uranus/Pluto alliance, and its presence lends a warring signature to the interaction. What's more, Jupiter also joins the fray, and its presence amplifies and magnifies the already extreme tendencies of the entire bundle. But that's not all!

The Aquarium Age: Feb. 25 - Mar. 3

Friday, 27 February 2015 00:50 Published in Aquarium Age

The veils between dimensions grow increasingly thin this week, and as astral alignments provide greater multidimensional clarity, daily interactions take on a no-nonsense approach that is sure to unsettle even the most candid commentator. Expect you, those you love, those you barely know, and even those you'd rather not know, to be saying all sorts of things that have needed to be said, but have been held back because uttering "those things" actually requires great courage. Mars provides the nerve to say it "your way" and whether it's a dialogue or a diatribe it is likely to be delivered in a direct and succinct way that borders on military orders.

The Aquarium Age: Feb. 18-24

Saturday, 21 February 2015 15:15 Published in Aquarium Age

So Mercury went direct and Uranus took over, right? Or am I the only one who experienced several vital areas of life simply going topsy-turvy in the nanosecond it took to adjust to a hassle-free communication environment? And if your life didn't rattle or roll with a surprising plot twist or two in the last week, then you might want to be prepared for several startling developments this week, as well as the next several weeks.

The Aquarium Age: Feb. 11-17

Thursday, 12 February 2015 13:36 Published in Aquarium Age

A sing along to a Christmas favorite, Do You Hear What I Hear?

Said the smart phone to the smart TV...
Do you hear what I hear?
Everything is coming back online.
Do you hear what I hear?
The sigh, the sigh of retrograde relief
As Mercury finally goes direct.

Well...isn't it a little like Christmas?

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