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The Aquarium Age: Sept. 20-Oct. 6

Thursday, 01 October 2015 23:59 Published in Aquarium Age

A change of air blows through daily life this week, and as those winds rustle the status quo, regular routines might be disrupted, disorganized, or discombobulated. So don’t be dismayed if you’re feeling disoriented. Some transitions are smoother than others, and this one is a little tricky if only because the fiery interactions of recent months being replaced by earthier ones, giving us all a chance to get more grounded.

The Aquarium Age: September 23-29

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 23:33 Published in Aquarium Age

A tremendous impulse to throw caution to the wind blows through the days as well as the nights of an already bumpy week, disrupting regular routines by making sudden shifts and abrupt detours the first choice for just about anyone caught in a boring set of circumstances. Expect the unexpected, and anticipate that many of these startling twists of fate will be positive. Yes, Mercury is retrograde, but that doesn’t matter. Yes again, Pluto goes direct on Friday, which could fire up some of these quick decisions. And yes, there is a lunar eclipse on Sunday that focuses on practical matters. But none of these planetary interactions compares to the power of a Venus/Uranus trine that is in effect all week long. The good news—and there is always good news—is that this fiery trine is packed with creative potential that can be applied to almost every situation.

The Aquarium Age: Sept. 16-22

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 16:15 Published in Aquarium Age

It’s a busy week of planetary transitions, and as terrestrial life often reflects celestial activity, the routines of daily life take on the hustle and bustle of the sky. Dreams and visions, sleeping or waking, reflect myriad desires, some practical, some reasonable. Expect some of what happens, internal or external, to stretch the boundaries of imagination—it’s as if information from other dimensions infiltrates normal awareness. Don’t be surprised if you’re questioning third dimensional reality and leaning toward the idea that a greater sense of things might be found multidimensionally.

The Aquarium Age: Sept. 9-15

Thursday, 10 September 2015 22:40 Published in Aquarium Age

Venus went direct on Sunday, September 6, in a wide trine to Uranus, and sudden reversals of fortune, especially the relationship kind, seemed to occur everywhere at once. For some, these dynamic twists of fate were, and still are, disruptive and disturbing—it’s the “I really didn’t see it coming” moment, when shock just takes over and you wake up in a completely different universe, wondering how you got there and what was in that last cup of tea. For others, these changes restored clarity by enabling a new perspective with the power to restore sanity.

The Aquarium Age: Sept. 2-8

Thursday, 03 September 2015 03:15 Published in Aquarium Age

It would be wise to make “There’s something for everyone” your mantra this week—and while you’re at it, the next several weeks as well. The planets are busy changing direction, which means many might find it necessary to recalibrate plans and schedules. But more importantly, beneath this busy astral buzz the wild and the wacky continue to coalesce into the weird. A good attitude about other peoples’ choices, especially their emotional eccentricities and idiosyncratic behavior, is essential. Do not pass Go until you’ve located your anti-judgment pills.

The Aquarium Age: August 12-18

Thursday, 13 August 2015 21:02 Published in Aquarium Age

It’s another wacky week, here on planet Earth, and trying to make sense of almost anything is going to require a level head that’s able to discern the true from the false and the fact from the fiction. Even if you’re the most practical, most wise, and most insightful observer of human nature and current events, you’re still likely to be surprised by the unforeseen plot twists and sudden reversals of fortune that are possible—okay, probable—this week. The best way through the morass of stupefying phenomena is compassion, even for the people who are contributing to the chaos.

The Aquarium Age: Aug. 5-11

Wednesday, 05 August 2015 15:26 Published in Aquarium Age

I certainly don’t mean to sound cavalier about the great many trials and travails so many of my fellow travelers are currently experiencing and have been experiencing for quite some time. But I’m beginning to feel as if I have “Post Traumatic Astro Disorder.” So much so that even positive planetary configurations trigger my duck-and-cover response. (And I don’t think the planets are causal, with the exception of Mercury Retrograde and Uranus anything.) But this week is yet another week of unusual plot twists and turnabouts—or better yet, toss-abouts—so many that even the unimaginative are likely to feel like roustabouts. Daily life increasingly resembles a circus—but not necessarily the good kind (if there is such a thing).

The Aquarium Age: July 29 - Aug. 4

Thursday, 30 July 2015 18:04 Published in Aquarium Age

The erratic pace of recent weeks continues, but as the days and nights of this week unfold, certain tensions settle down. Don't misunderstand; we're still in the midst of several significant transitions, and nervous systems reflect the flux. But moods are moving away from confrontation as a way of spending excess energy. The impetus for personal freedom also persists, but this week it actually becomes more refined, if only because the motivation behind that drive toward independence is more grounded than it has been in a long while.

July 22-28

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 13:49 Published in Aquarium Age

You'll need a steady inner compass to keep you on track this week—the astral winds are strong, so strong that nervous systems are in need of extra care. Even if you like being buffeted by powerful currents or you enjoy the surprise of unforeseen detours, you'll need some sort of homing device keep you on course through the week's twists and turns. Also, moods are more than a little testy, especially today and tomorrow—actually, most of next week—as many struggle to contain anxiety about what's coming next.

The Aquarium Age: July 15-21

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 11:55 Published in Aquarium Age

It's another week of intense interactions, as diverse perspectives struggle to hold onto unique and often polarized positions. From the political to the personal to the profound, and in some cases to the stupid, conversations focus on safety and security issues, especially what can be done to create greater stability. Unfortunately the search for solid ground—ideally higher ground—collides with the very real limitations of 3-D reality, causing some to despair whether the ground will ever feel steady again. Conditions in general are in a peculiar state of disintegration. But—and this is a really important exception—the current state of deterioration is a necessary preliminary part of a vital integration process.

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