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CATALYST Guide to Offbeat* Weddings


*Offbeat: Off-the-beaten-track; syncopated; unusual. Sometimes oppositional. To us, it means that which comes from the heart, with fewer nods to convention.

Once every decade or so, CATALYST turns its attention to the art of the wedding. This month, you’ll meet couples who did it “their way.” There’s a list of off-the-beaten-track venues, and astrological advice for choosing the best date.You’ll read about preparing your inner self to wed, and employing basic health practices to help you look your best; investigate the world of rings beyond the traditional diamond; explore clothing beyond the bridal boutique; hear from a few officiants on the subject of vows; meet two epic floral artists; and consider ways to liven up the all-important wedding dance.

There’s a story from a woman who “marries” her gay best friend who is living with fullblown AIDS; and another from a married couple who weather some rocky times and celebrate their growth with a “re-wedding.”

Obviously, you can enjoy these stories without the need to engage in the ancient ritual of commitment. You may even find it useful in planning other celebrations in your life. Marking important moments in our life gives us the opportunity to bear witness to what matters most in the lives of our nears and dears.

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